Why You Should Be Adding Molasses To Your Pancake Batter

Pancakes, it must be said, are one of the most delicious foods known to humankind. Perhaps you're someone who likes to start your weekends with a generous serving of pancakes with maple syrup, fresh fruits, and freshly brewed coffee. Or maybe you're fond of treating yourself to diner pancakes every now and then for an extra special meal.

Pancakes are highly customizable and can be prepared in many ways. According to Kitchn, it's far easier to mix all your ingredients in one bowl instead of using multiple tools for your pancakes. Also, letting your pancake batter sit for 10 minutes is useful and goes a long way in making the cooking process easier. Another great tip? Take advantage of a cast iron skillet to prepare pancakes; it's less messy and more convenient than a standard pan! It's also a good idea to put molasses in your pancake batter. There's a good reason for that, trust us.

The results will be worth it

According to Taste of Home, adding just a single tablespoon of molasses to pancake batter can help you achieve beautiful results when you get down to making those scrumptious pancakes. Why? Well, your pancakes will end up browning really well if you add molasses in advance, so you'll have better pancakes when they're done. Such a simple tip!

As per The Spruce Eats, molasses can add interesting flavors to lots of dishes and is useful in several recipes such as gingerbread cookies, barbecue sauce, baked beans, and more. Who knew? 

One Redditor expressed their love for molasses in a thread on the versatile ingredient. "I really like molasses on french toast or even pancakes," they wrote. "Molasses on corn bread or corn fritters is awesome and traditional." Try a classic recipe like this one by All Recipes. You'll be left with heavenly gingerbread pancakes that will definitely make you reach out for another delicious helping.