The 'Signature Dish' Patrick Stewart's Been Making Since 1948

British actor Sir Patrick Stewart has had an iconic career, but he's known for more than his memorable roles in legendary franchises like "Star Trek" and "X-Men." In addition to being one-half of one of the world's favorite BFF duos with fellow thespian Sir Ian McKellen, Stewart seems to love sharing his opinions on food. Having a bit of fun with different dishes, Stewart knows how to get the public talking.

In 2013, Stewart shocked the internet by tweeting a photo of himself eating his "first ever pizza 'slice,'" which he later clarified meant he'd eaten pizza, but never ordered just one individual slice (via BBC). Two years later, he'd get his Twitter followers worked up in another debate over whether you have to eat the crust to really have eaten a slice of pizza. Clearly getting a rush from causing food-centric stirs on social media, Stewart also tweeted in 2015 that the Brits brought ketchup to America, which many people had many arguments with (per People). In 2017, the actor expressed disdain for avocado on sandwiches in an interview with Bustle.

If you think it's been too long since you've been treated to a hot culinary take from Stewart, we have good news. The Shakespearean performer recently shared that he actually only knows how to cook one dish: beans on toast (via Facebook).

Beans on toast is a cheap and filling British classic

On May 18, Stewart tweeted a video of himself eating beans on toast, which he wrote is his "signature dish since 1948." In the video, he tells viewers this is the only dish he knows how to make, and that he ate it thousands of times throughout his childhood. Stewart also adds, "Eat your heart out, Melissa Clark," Clark being a New York Times food writer, but as The Takeout reports, we are still in the dark over whether that's some kind of inside joke.

It's perhaps no surprise that Stewart knows how to make beans on toast because it might be the easiest dish in the world. You open a can of baked beans and dump it on toast. There, now you, too, know how to make beans on toast (though, some people heat the beans as well). According to Eat Your World, Heinz claims to have invented this in 1927, and Heinz is the preferred brand of canned beans for pouring over crispy bread in the United Kingdom. Whether they are the true inventors or not, however, is unknown, and doesn't matter in Brits' eyes. Because of its affordability, ease, and being a source of protein, beans on toast was a staple throughout World War II, and now brings up waves of nostalgia for many, including Stewart, who has been feasting on this classic since he was eight years old.