You've Been Storing Lettuce Wrong This Whole Time

Lettuce is the building block of a salad and the item that puts the crunch in our sandwiches. There's nothing better than biting into some crisp, fresh lettuce leaves. On the other hand, there's nothing more disappointing than opening a package of lettuce and finding limp, soggy greens. Obviously, the best way to ensure your lettuce is crisp is to have fresh lettuce. If you live on a farm or have room to grow fresh leaves, you're clearly ahead of the curve.

Short of growing our own lettuce, most of us store our lettuce in the crisper bin of our refrigerator, hoping for the best. Others pay good money for storage gadgets that entomb the lettuce but don't work all that well. There are other methods of storing lettuce. Brooklyn Farm Girl suggests wrapping your lettuce in aluminum foil to keep it fresh. Momables recommends rinsing your lettuce in a water and vinegar solution before putting it in a plastic bag. And Food Network says to just put the lettuce in the fridge.

Turns out, there's yet another way to store your lettuce so that it doesn't end up in the garbage bin.

How to store lettuce

Buzzfeed reported on a genius hack for keeping lettuce fresh that Miami food blogger Lama Bazzi shared. The blogger and recipe developer gives us a genius way to store lettuce.

Bazzi shared the easy hack on TikTok. Simply put your lettuce in a mason jar and fill with water. The lettuce should stay crisp in the refrigerator for about a month. When you're ready to use the lettuce, simply drain the water. The blogger also shares on her TikTok account that the trick works with kale, too.

If you want to regrow your lettuce, Bazzi has a hack for that, too. Just place the stem of the lettuce in shallow water and put the stem in sunlight. New lettuce leaves will start to grow.

Bazzi's TikTok account has plenty of other simple everyday kitchen hacks. Other hacks from Bazzi include how to store lemons, how to keep avocados from browning, and more.