This Alton Brown 'Culinary Truth' Is Hilariously Relatable

If you thought that even celebrity chefs wouldn't be able to pass up a delicious junk food snack, you're right. As it turns out, Alton Brown proved that no matter your culinary background, no one is immune from the addictive powers of Cheetos. On May 16, Brown took to his Twitter account to tell the world his feelings about the orange-coated snack. "#CulinaryTruth I will never cook anything that tastes better than a bag of #Cheetos," he wrote, and he's far from alone.

As it turns out, Cheetos, like many other kinds of savory chip snacks, are designed to make you constantly want more than what's in the bag. According to Tastemade, the cheesy snack is proven to be addictive because it tricks your brain into thinking you need more of them since they melt in your mouth. The crispy snap of the Cheetos also aids in this because it subconsciously makes you think the snack is fresher. It's no wonder Brown feels he'll never top that.

This is what fans have to say about it

Alton Brown's fans definitely had thoughts on his "culinary truth," too. The most common questions posed back to the celebrity chef were which kinds of Cheetos he liked most. From the style of the crisp to the level of heat, fans wanted to know just which bag of Cheetos Brown springs for when he sees them on the shelf. One fan simply summed up the curiosity by writing in reply to his tweet, "Puff or crunch? Regular or Spicy?" Unfortunately, Brown didn't reply and clue everyone in on his personal pick. Besides, everyone seems to have their own favorite Cheetos camp regardless of what their favorite chef prefers.

Those who were not concerned with his favorite bag of Cheetos raised concerns that the tweet may have signaled that he had been kidnapped. One fan wrote, "OMG — Where's Alton & have you gotten this statement out of duress?" While it could be a hostage situation, Cheetos are so good that we don't doubt this tweet came directly from Brown. And maybe one day we'll know just which kind of Cheetos he loves most.