Coca-Cola Is Giving Away Free Soda In Honor Of Summer. Here's How To Get Yours

Coca-Cola has been ideating non-stop for decades. Its iconic commercials, as featured on Youtube in multiple capacities, like its "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" campaign, have graced screens for years and been stuck in heads for longer. And off-screen, the bountiful beverage seems to have a love affair with movie theatres and restaurants, being the featured drink of many a cinema and a much-beloved beverage of choice for soda-drinkers. Seeing that Coca-Cola has been intertwined with the movies for a lengthy amount of time, one of its two new promos is especially fitting.

It's no surprise that Coca-Cola shared in a statement sent to Mashed that it has a drive-in collab in the works for June 5 and 6, offering an ice-cold Coke with a bag of popcorn to those attending a drive-in movie at Shankweiler's Drive-In Theatre. But the possibly bigger news is its upcoming freebie promo. As Coca-Cola noted, its efforts to get free drinks into the hands of consumers this summer all boils down to bringing people together and helping local restaurants rebound from the pandemic. Here's how the promo works and how to get yours!

Free Coca-Cola right this way

According to Coca-Cola's website, visitors who visit this link can register for alerts as early as June 1 and can officially sign up starting June 15 to receive a code for one of hundreds of thousands of free Cokes, featuring the brand's new summer packaging with poems that perfectly describe the feeling of cracking open an ice-cold Coke on a summer's day or night. The code will be redeemable in a variety of places (though the brand states they hope you will use it to support a local restaurant) between June 17 to June 21 for those lucky enough to snag one.

The summer campaign is an effort to help people share more memories together this summer and is part of the brand's "Summer Tastes Better" campaign — and with free Coca-Cola, it's definitely looking that way. Now the "This Coke's on Us" campaign brings that full circle, encouraging customers to go out and grab a Coke and some food at their favorite eateries, thereby helping the restaurant industry as well (a cause the company has long supported). A good soda and a good deed, who else is signing up?