This Hack Makes Perfect Toast Without A Toaster

A toaster is essentially just a tiny oven, so it's not a huge surprise that an oven can toast your bread to perfection just as well as a fancy toaster can. While toasters are a common countertop staple, many folks either don't have space or just can't justify the purchase based on their average toast intake. If you're not one of the toaster-owning elite, or you're trying to toast a dozen slices of bread at once, you can capture ideal toast right in your oven. 

With just a baking sheet and the oven knob turned to about 450°F, says Tasting Table, you'll have impeccably toasted bread in under 15 minutes. If you're hosting a soiree, this technique is the way to go. Cut kitchen time in half by toasting an entire loaf of bread in the oven rather than a few slices at a time, as you would with a toaster. To get perfectly toasted slices of bread in the oven, tuck the baking sheet on a lower rack and place slices of bread through the rack above so they're standing up straight. The top oven rack will keep the bread in place and allow the heat to reach every corner of the bread, and voila, a DIY toaster.

No toaster? No problem

This trick may be a secret time saver, but a few lucky people are in the know. 5-Minute Crafts shares this creative trick on YouTube and they couldn't have made it look any easier. Even with a smaller oven squeezed into a tiny apartment, this inventive method is a step up from a toaster. Another bonus is being able to keep an eye on the toasting process through the oven door to ensure you see that flawless golden hue.

Once this hack enters your life, you'll see toast in an entirely new light. Butter and jam aren't the only friends of toast, and it's not reserved just for the morning. Toast can be a vessel for both sweet and savory toppings, such as nut butter and bananas, hummus, a poached egg, or even sour cream and mushrooms, as Hello Fresh swears by. The options are endless when it comes to toast, which is why this little toaster hack is sure to get you on the toast bandwagon.