The Big Problem Aldi Fans Have With Its Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

If you love solid dips, Aldi always has your back. Certain items like the brand's tzatziki or hummus can entice anyone to come back for seconds, while offering up great snack options for any occasion. For anyone looking for a hearty snack, Aldi also carries Park Street Deli's cranberry almond chicken salad at select locations in 16 ounce containers. If you have rarely seen this dip on best-of lists, fans of the grocery store may have a solid explanation for this omission.

A Reddit user recently wondered about the quality of this dip and posted, "I have been reading how wonderful it is, but I just got some and it's really horrible to me. It seems fresh, the dates good, chicken is plump.. Is it supposed to be sour? I even added some honey, and it's still horrid. Is it me or it?" Aldi shoppers immediately responded to the post, with many wondering about the same issues.

An Aldi chicken salad that missed the mark

Redditors identified a few issues with the salad in the post. One user responded by saying, "Premade salads, dips and such are never good to me. I want to like this but I can't even bring myself to try it lol," while another added, "I didn't like it either. Then again, I'm picky about things like chicken salad, coleslaw, etc. Most store-bought versions are just not good in my experience." Another user suggested the particular variety of chicken salad had problems, saying, "It's nasty. Try the plain chicken salad. I get that weekly. Now, it's a bit too watery but better that [than] dry imo."

If you count yourself as a chicken salad lover, make sure to approach Aldi's cranberry almond chicken salad with caution. While most Redditors didn't enjoy the product, a few comments emerged supporting the dip. "I've gotten plenty of times and it was never sour," one user wrote. "Get your money back the next time you're in the store." If you feel adventurous, try giving this product a shot and see if you agree with all the chicken salad negativity. With any luck, you might disagree and even find a winning product underneath the criticisms.