This Superfan Has Turned Their House Into A McDonald's Shrine

With the world being as populous as it is, it is not at all shocking to discover that almost 85% of people identify with one of the estimated 4,000 religions active in various societies and cultures (via Learn Religions). However, while many faith groups are well-established and noble entities, some are considerably more obscure.

According to Reader's Digest, listed among genuine religious organizations are The Maradonian Church (respecting the apparent holiness of footballer Diego Maradona), Jediism (for hard-coreĀ "Star Wars" fans), and Pastafarianism (for people who worship the flying spaghetti monster). It now seems that McDonald's is very close to being added to this bizarre list.

As reported by The Irish Sun, Taylor Gecking, who lives in the U.S. state of Virginia, has transformed her entire home into a shrine dedicated to the legendary fast food juggernaut. How? By gradually filling rooms with collections of McDonald's toys, signs, and incredibly creepy artifacts.

The McDonald's shrine started with a stained glass window of Ronald McDonald

Fox News notes that it has taken the 31-year-old Gecking many years to amass the vibrant (and in some ways terrifying) number of McDonald's items that now decorate her home. The shrine slowly built itself up over the years, but started with a stained glass window of Ronald McDonald, complete with alarming red smile and soulless, staring eyes.

The window now takes pride of place on Gecking's stairway, acting surely as the best burglar deterrent ever created. According to Fox News, Gecking first spotted the haunting Ronald McDonald window at a flea market, but discounted it due to it being too expensive. However, a year later she spotted it again at the same market and was gifted it by her partner. That flea market holder certainly had some resolve.

Other items noted by The Irish Sun in Gecking's expansive collection of over 100 items include a 1970s Golden Arches sign from a McDonald's restaurant, a sit-on ride, and dozens of Happy Meal toys. Having painted the walls of her house in pleasant shades of yellow and red, the funeral director's biggest dream is to acquire a statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench.