The Time Robert Irvine Lost It On Restaurant: Impossible

Robert Irvine is a well-known celebrity chef who's very passionate about what he does. His show, "Restaurant: Impossible" has been quite popular since its inception in 2011. During each episode, Irvine and his team have just 48 hours to help a struggling restaurant business to go through a complete makeover, with just $10,000 to make it happen. The team focuses on several aspects such as a restaurant's menu, its ambience, the overall setup, and more.

Irvine mentioned in an interview that the team is very invested in helping every restaurant they work with on the series. "We spend a lot of time checking in with folks, especially in the immediate aftermath of a turnaround," he told Sphera. "We want to make sure that new menu items are landing with customers." But while the celebrity chef usually comes across as someone who has things under control, he's only human. There have been a few times when Irvine found it really tough to keep his temper and stress levels in check while filming.

Robert Irvine was upset over an accusation

According to Reality TV Revisited, the "Restaurant: Impossible" crew went to the Soup to Nuts Diner in Florida for one of their projects, which was for the fifth season back in 2013. The eatery was owned by Sharon Whitmore, who was hoping to make enough money off her business to secure funds for her retirement. However, her eatery was massively struggling to stay on track.

At one point in the episode, one of Whitmore's customers complained to her that they spotted bugs where they were sitting. In an unexpected move, Whitmore turned to Irvine and accused him of sabotaging her business. Irvine was not amused at all (via the Food Network). He shot back at Whitmore, "I never do anything outside of what I'm supposed to do, and that's help people. Don't go there." While the Soup to Nuts Diner did temporarily benefit from the renovation, it couldn't stay afloat for too long and shut shop later that year.