Costco Shoppers Are Divided On This Double Crust Apple Pie

Yes, double crust apple pie now exists. And yes, we do not know how we feel about it! Costco is selling a double crust apple pie made with organic apples for $12.99 in stores. According to RecipeTips, double crust means a pie made with both a bottom and a top crust.

The Instagram account @costco_doesitagain posted a photo of the dessert and fans are divided. The purpose of this account is to share the best Costco finds with the #costcodoesitagain, and it has a pretty big following of almost one million accounts. One confused user, @arp_arp_arp_arp, commented, "What's double crust? Isn't one enough?" (via Instagram).

Another user, @ohan_h, claims that "this version sadly is not the same as the lattice apple pie. This one looks good but it's not, don't waste your money." The Kirkland Lattice Apple pie was a fan favorite, as several comments about it indicated. Nevertheless, there are fans who are super excited about the idea of a double crust apple pie.

What is double crust?

RecipeTips explains that the bottom crust is first rolled out, then the filling of the pie is prepared and plated over the bottom crust. The top crust is then rolled out and put on top of the filling. The edges of both crusts are then sealed together. To allow steam to escape while baking, slits are cut in the crust on top of the pie.

Unlike the previously reported users, there are some customers that are thrilled about the idea of a double crusted apple pie. The fan @deborah.travels claims that she found the treat at her local Costco and it is delicious. Another commenter, @murraypaxton, said that the pie is "better than you can make at home" (via Instagram). We can believe that.

Costco is not new to strong opinions, as a lot of their food items have cult followings. The warehouse chain is known to have some out-of-the box items in large quantities. Their double crust apple pie might very well attract more attention as time goes on.