Aldi's Adorable Cactus-Shaped Glasses Are Turning Heads

When you want some new mason jars, you have a very limited number of designs available. According to Best Reviews, all of the top selling mason jars feature very plain cylindrical designs that you would expect to see in this type of container, leaving anyone looking to score some fun jars to use as sipper glasses in a bit of a bind. Luckily, Aldi has once again identified a niche that needs filling and has a fun new mason jar cup that can make any summer gathering that much more fun. 

Aldi has something in store for anyone wanting to embrace the warm weather. According to Hip 2 Save, the brand now sells pineapple and cactus-shaped mason jar cups. The pineapple cups come in a variety of colors, while the cactus cups feature a striking green hue. Each design comes in a four-pack that retails at $6.99, and even includes a screw-on top and straw. These 16-ounce cups only can stick around while supplies last, so you don't want to sleep on this deal if these fun fruity cups sound appealing. If the styles can't win you over, all of the positive feedback can get anyone hyped to pick up a pack on their next Aldi run.

Aldi cups that have people talking

The drinkware has picked up some serious steam on Reddit. A user posted a picture of the cups on r/aldi and fans couldn't get enough of the new glasses. One user replied to the post by stating "Looks like a pickle with ears. Either way, I like it," while others chimed in with comments ranging from "My store (FL) had these and pineapple-shaped ones that were so cute!" all the way to "It would make an awesome pickling jar. I wonder if a standard ball lid and ring fits?" With this much attention, it only makes sense to grab a pack next time you make your next grocery run, or else you might miss out on some amazing glasses.

Keep an eye out for these mason jars made for sipping on your next Aldi adventure. With a sturdy design and fun shapes, you can't go wrong enjoying one of your favorite beverages out of these designs as you hang out by the grill or pool. For some fun summer times, grab a set while you can before they disappear.