The Surprising Tool You Need To Clean Up Kitchen Crumbs

Anyone who has had to clean a kitchen knows how frustrating it feels trying to clean up every last crumb. Kitchens present some unique challenges that other rooms don't face, like getting crumbs out from the deep crevices of toasters and other appliances. Even if you have decrumbing tools for other parts of your home, like lint rollers and vacuums, many of these methods just can't cut it when you need to get every last bit of waste out of your kitchen.

If you constantly fret about getting your kitchen completely spotless, try introducing a tool you might never expect to see enter your cooking space — a paintbrush (via The Kitchn). These versatile brushes come in a huge variety of sizes and can easily get in the smallest nooks and crannies. These brushes can easily gather up all the bits that get knocked down to the bottom of toasters and ovens and don't accidentally spread dirt like wet rags can. Breaking out the vacuum can also prove cumbersome, especially if you like to clean up habitually after every meal.

Which kind of paintbrush should you use?

If using a tiny brush to clean your whole kitchen sounds exhausting, don't forget about the wide paintbrushes used for painting the exterior of houses (via The Kitchn). These different sizes can tackle hard-to-reach corners and full tabletops without spreading extra dirt around. You can even store your particular cleaning brushes easily in your kitchen drawers alongside the rest of your utensils and other cookware.

When you need an easy cleaning solution for difficult crumbs, make sure to introduce some paintbrushes into your life for a quick cleaning hack that anyone can get behind. These brushes can easily replace your time-tested vacuum or any rags you typically use, making for a quick and easy kitchen clean-up process that won't spread the crumbs around. Once you start sweeping up small messes with these timesaving tools, you might never imagine how you made it through the day without these handy, repurposed brushes. Try out a set of these tools next time the urge strikes and see the difference they make.