Good News For Fans Of Wawa's Blueberry Cobbler Coffee

Few things go better with a sweet dessert than a nice, hot cup of coffee. That's why baked goods and coffee have been served together on the dessert menu for just about as long as restaurants have been around. But what if you could combine the two? That's the question Wawa was trying to answer when they first released their Blueberry Cobbler Coffee in 2020. According to fans, the dessert-flavored coffee was a success, and many were excited to see a new tasty addition join Wawa's other flavored coffee offerings like Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

"Use a little French vanilla creamer and it's hot blueberry cobbler and ice cream...almost," one satisfied customer posted to Reddit last summer. Another user raved, "It smells HEAVENLY when I brew it!" While another agreed writing, "I wish I could bottle this scent it's too delicious." One Redditor even suggested they were going to try and add it to their next smoothie. 

Wawa's BlueBerry Cobbler Coffee will be available at participating locations nationwide this summer

The flavored beverage contains the same sweet vanilla and blueberry flavors, as a real cobbler. But although the drink was an instant hit with fans of the sweet dessert, it was released only for a limited time. Many fans were disappointed when Wawa removed it from their menu last year, but luckily, they finally have a reason to celebrate again. Wawa has just announced the Blueberry Cobbler Coffee will be returning to stores nationwide this summer, so fans will once again get to enjoy the decadent flavor of this delicious brew.

Unfortunately, Wawa has not made any announcements to indicate that this means they will be making this tasty beverage a part of their permanent offerings. As of now, their Blueberry Cobbler Coffee is still only available at participating locations for a limited time. However, one can hope that if fans continue to sing the praises of the drink, it may one day become a regular part of Wawa's flavored coffee menu.