This Tip Makes Using A Garlic Press Even Easier

Let's be honest, fresh garlic can't be beat when it comes to cooking. Even a little amount goes a long way and can contain numerous added health benefits. Whether it is chicken, pasta, or potato recipes, garlic is one ingredient that never fails to take your dish to the next level.

If you're an avid garlic eater, you may have invested in a few tools to make the prepping process easier. One of those tools may very well be a garlic press, and if you're confused about how to actually use it, don't fret. Sure, it is possible to mash your garlic without one, however, this metal device surely helps. In order to use it, you place a peeled garlic clove — keyword peeled — in it, swing the arm of the device around, and squeeze.

Now you have finely grated garlic that you can use in your meal. If you are not handy with a knife, purchasing a garlic press can definitely help. This device keeps in more of the aromatic ingredient as well, which can enhance the garlic flavor in your dish. But what happens if you're having issues with garlic getting stuck in the holes of your press?

The best tip to make mincing garlic simpler

Two words: cooking oil. Kitchn explains that the simple solution is to spray some PAM inside the garlic press before placing the garlic inside and pressing as you usually would. If you're out of PAM or it's not usually floating around your kitchen, you can use whatever cooking oil you typically turn to.

Now comes the best part. Once you press, any bits of garlic that would normally be stuck inside glide into your dish rather than clog the holes. This will save you a lot of pain trying to poke out the garlic remnants when you do the dishes.

If you are concerned that the PAM will affect the flavor, don't be. Due to the strong flavor that garlic already brings, the cooking spray shouldn't be noticeable in the slightest. However, there is one pitfall to be mindful of. Because the garlic press is small, it's a lot easier to make a mess on your counter when you go to spray it. To prevent any mishaps, spray it over the sink! Congrats — now you're a garlic press expert.