The Hilarious Reason People Are Looking At This Polish McDonald's On Google Earth

When it comes to fast food, Google is like your best friend. Midnight and you're craving a McFlurry? Google search for late-night delivery. Middle of the day in the middle of nowhere, and you're due for a Big Mac before you hit the road again? Time to Google your nearest fast food joints. As a matter of fact, the Google Maps app has even started testing giving directions based on local chain restaurant landmarks, like the one and only, tried and true McDonald's (via Search Engine Journal).

The world's most popular search engine and the most notorious fast food giant seem to go hand in hand, but a recent TikTok linking the two in an unusual way has quickly gone viral. TikTok user posted a short clip of a Google Earth driver's relatable, laugh-worthy lunch in early May 2021, and over 168,000 people have liked it since.

The video follows a Google Earth driver on his trip through a McDonald's drive-thru — with a surprisingly minimal wait — in Tychy, Poland, according to Snopes. The van photographs each step of the way, from the drive-thru order board to paying the cashier, and the story seems to end when the driver parks to enjoy his casual lunch.

Google gimmick or a lunchtime lapse in judgment?

We may never know whether this spontaneous McDonald's trip was intentional or not, but if you've worked a day in your life, then you'll agree with this: Never, ever, skip your lunch break (just maybe skip recording it, unless you want the entirety of the internet joining you for said lunch break, at least until Google updates their Tychy street view). The entire spectacle is relatable, sending commenters on a field day — one TikTok user @Wikipedia84 joked, "it's like their human or something [sic]."

Snopes notes that the McWrap, a now-discontinued U.S. menu item, is a potential part of this employee's meal since it's clearly advertised on the pictured menu boards. While it's a fair guess, the full details of this driver's order were kept under wraps, since the Google van only shoots the street view.

Who's to say they didn't grab a Diet Coke and a McNugget meal, though? All we know is this driver is everybody's hero for making Google Earth a whole lot more down-to-earth.