Trader Joe's New Peach Cereal Bars Have Shoppers Divided

It can be difficult to walk though Trader Joe's without grabbing at least one or two of their tasty snacks. There is always one bag or bar that catches your eye on the way through the grocery store, and they have just added another one to their shelves. The store is now selling boxes of their popular cereal bars in a new refreshing, fruity peach flavor, just in time for summer. 

The Instagram user @traderjoeslist was a fan of the new cereal bars, making a post asking their followers, "If you're into peaches then add these peachy bars to your Trader Joe's List. The perfect midday snack or light breakfast to pair with your morning latte! Have you tried them?" Many of their fellow Trader Joe's fans shared their delight, like one follower that raved, "My fav flavor!" Another agreed and wrote, "They're so good! These and the pumpkin are my favorites." Another satisfied customer posted, "I really liked them. Better than the nutrigrain bars."

Some shoppers felt the peach cereal bars tasted artificial

However, not every Trader Joe's shopper loved the new peachy taste. Some disappointed snack fans felt that the bars were too dry and did not deliver a real peach flavor. "Tastes super artificially flavored," one follower replied. Another Instagrammer agreed, "I was disappointed in these. The texture is much different than the other flavors. I had high hopes too." A disappointed shopper concurred, "I love peaches, but I wasn't a fan of these ones really. The other flavors are much better."

These new peach-flavored cereal bars are available for just $1.99 for a box of six bars, so if you are feeling adventurous, it might be worth picking one up to decide what side of the debate you are on. However, if you simply want to stick with a tried and true snack you know you'll love, then you might want to select one of the many other delicious and satisfying treats in the Trader Joe's snack aisle.