The Trick To Avoiding Taste Fatigue

We are real creatures of habit when it comes to food. According to SWNS Digital, a 2020 study of 2,000 people showed that "eight in 10 adults" eat practically the same breakfast every day. According to the study, they also found most people tend to watch the clock to eat dinner at the same time each day too, and they eat at the same restaurants with which they're accustomed.

And after all that repetition, it stands to reason things can get a bit dull, especially when it comes to the palate. There is a whole thread on Reddit dedicated to people who have experienced "food tasting flat" despite immense seasoning and assurances from others that the food isn't as bland as the person in question thinks it might be. According to Food Challenges website, even when you're enjoying your favorite food, too many visits to those flavors will eventually bore your taste buds. It's an experience those who compete in food challenges know all too well. So what can you do to wake them back up?

Tips to maximize taste

Whether your palate is pooped from overworking your nose and taste buds or the similar sensory information doesn't sit well with the receptors in your tongue or brain, there are ways to reinvigorate a tired tastebud. The Roasterie outlines these and other definitions of palate fatigue and identifies two ways you can fix the issue in order to get back to enjoying your food.

If you have the flexibility, "take a break" and give your body some time to reset so you can get back to enjoying the food you used to like. But if you have less time, a palate-cleanser is for you. MasterClass provides four palate-cleanser examples, including sorbet which is light and refreshing enough to "follow up fatty foods." They also recommend crackers/bread/tortilla chips because they are bland enough to not distract from the other foods' taste. Then use fruit or vegetables as a way to enhance your meals. The addition of herbs can also give you a jolt, whether as a garnish or even in your drinking water.

So if you ever find yourself wondering why that fifth bite of your burger or ice cream just isn't what you expected, maybe try a palate cleanser before diving back in for bite number six!