Costco Shoppers Can't Stand This Tortellini Pasta Salad

Finding good tortellini can prove challenging, especially given how many brands and stores carry this filled pasta. If you decide to buy cheese tortellini, Giovanni Rana gives you the best bang for your buck, but Target's Archer Farms brand can otherwise hit the spot. While these frozen tortellini easily get cooked up to make a fantastic meal, sometimes you just want a quick salad featuring this one-of-a-kind Italian specialty. Costco recently tried to tap into the love of tortellini salad, but if social media's reaction to the goods have any sway, this item might not stick around for long.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain discovered Costco's latest pre-made tortellini salad retailing at $4.99 and snagged a container on their latest grocery run. They posted a picture of the find, and despite the post getting over 6,600 likes, followers truly do not enjoy the salad. Fans have responded voicing their displeasure, and comments have ranged from "So expensive and not the best" all the way to "I saw this in store and the meat was brown. No thank you."

A Costco offering that fell flat

When it comes to gauging how social media has taken to Costco's new tortellini salad, the results speak for themselves. While the item has scored a few positive comments, negative reviews and social media comments easily overwhelm the handful of positive sentiments (via Eat With Emily). Sentiments like "Agree 1000% it looks waaaaay better than it tastes!" and "It looks good, but nobody in my house liked it. It needs a different dressing or something," sum up consumers' experience with the goods.

If you have searched high and low for the ultimate tortellini salad, this Costco item might not win you over. If you feel curious, make sure to give it a shot next time you make a grocery run. Who knows, you may just end up agreeing with some of the social media users who fell for the salad. At any rate, make sure to approach this salad with the proper expectations, especially if you thought you might have found the next great tortellini product.