The Truth About Oreo's Sold-Out Alien Cookies

The truth is out there — and so are Oreo cookies. Nabisco's popular chocolate and creme cookies have apparently been taken in by the current UFO fever that has been sweeping the nation, and they have just released a special pack of Oreo cookies to greet the extraterrestrials if they ever do arrive on our planet. The company believes their double-stuffed Oreo cookies are the perfect human food to offer alien life forms should they make contact with us Earthlings, so they decided to make a limited-edition pack specifically for when the extraterrestrials arrive.

According to Delish, the intricate packaging features blue designs against a black background that is reminiscent of outer space and features the tagline, "Bringing all lifeforms together." In the center is a blue spot, framed by the words "The Offering," that is the perfect size to hold a single Oreo cookie. The idea is that one can place an Oreo cookie in the center and give it as a peace offering to an alien, or just a friend, family member, or anyone else with whom they want to share a snack.

Oreo also designed a cookie-themed crop circle

According to Delish, the Oreo cookie offerings were sold out within three hours. But not only did Oreo make the space-themed packages, they also went big to welcome potential alien friends by creating a larger than life crop circle in the middle of a wheat field in Kansas — a part of the country that is known for their UFO sightings, per PR Newswire. The company crafted a three-acre wide design in the shape of an Oreo cookie into the open field, which was then guarded overnight by crew members (via Twitter). The design might even be big enough to be seen from space, and could encourage aliens to visit and give the popular sandwich cookies a try.

"For over 109 years, OREO has brought people on earth together by inspiring moments of connection," Olympia Portale, senior brand manager of Oreo, said of the new campaign (via PR Newswire). "Now, the brand is extending its playful personality across the universe to enable all possible life forms to come together over an OREO cookie."