Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Avocado-Based Vegan Chocolate Ice Creams

Just in time for summer, Costco shoppers are excited to start finding Cado Avocado Frozen Dessert in their local stores' freezer aisles. Instagrammer @CostcoBuys shared a snap of the Deep Dark Chocolate flavor to their nearly half a million followers, asking if anyone had tried this product yet. User @FlannelPLjs commented that the Salted Caramel variety is "pure heaven," and @rafaellasara said, "It's amazing!! The only ice cream I need!" Many of the comments are buzzing with questions about which Costco locations they can find Cado at — @CostcoBuys found it in Michigan. Essentially, shoppers are pumped and officially on the avocado ice cream hunt.

Cado, itself, has been a hit for a few years now. According to Unconventional Eats NH, The Patriots even served Cado to Tom Brady for his 40th birthday. Cado stands out because it's vegan and dairy-free ice cream that isn't made with some sort of nut base. The creaminess of avocado is a game-changer for this frozen treat. Unconventional Eats NH as well as Refinery29 have raved about Cado's texture, which is much lusher than other vegan, dairy-free alternatives. Cado comes in the Deep Dark Chocolate and aforementioned Salted Caramel flavors, according to its website, as well as Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Java Chip, Vanilla Bean, Cherry Amaretto Chip, and Simply Lemon. Each variety is a surprisingly nutritious indulgence.

The benefits of Cado Frozen Dessert

Cado's pints pack in two to three servings of avocado, LiveStrong says. They've got no lactose or dairy, are gluten-free, and are lower in sugar than most regular or alternative ice creams, as well as fewer calories. The main ingredients are avocado puree, avocado oil, sea salt, and organic cane sugar. The key takeaway is that Cado is a fun and tasty way to sneak more of avocado's health benefits into your diet. LiveStrong writes that avocados are full of monounstaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help with cholesterol levels, are good for the heart, and can even be a factor in weight loss. Avocado also has antioxidants that are great for brain health.

According to Cado's website, the Deep Dark Chocolate flavor spotted at Costco has 170 calories and 12 grams of sugar per serving. Pints are a bit pricey, at $7.99 each, so the pint four-pack @CostcoBuys found for $13.99 is a real steal, and officially makes Costco the best place to stock up on Cado ice cream for some nutritious summer enjoyment.