This Is How Many Flavors Of Salt Water Taffy Exist

Beachside vacations are full of days spent enjoying the surf and sand, evenings watching the sunset, and, of course, at least a few pieces of salt water taffy. This classic confection is theorized to have been invented in Atlantic City, New Jersey, though this is speculation. One thing is for certain, though — it's not a summer trip to the beach without indulging a little, and what better way than to stop into an adorable beachside candy shop and pick up some salt water taffy? 

You can find these wax-paper wrapped goodies at tons of seaside candy stores, and it seems as though the list of flavors is seemingly endless, and it truly might be. There are some candy shops that specialize in this treat and have a growing list of flavors as they keep inventing more. For example, Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop in Daytona Beach, Florida, recently invented a pineapple upside down cake flavor.

There are over 100 flavors of salt water taffy

While it's difficult to nail down exactly how many flavors of salt water taffy truly exist, mainly because each shop sells their own varieties and their own recipes, one candy shop claims to have over 100 flavors available, and that number will keep increasing as they come up with new flavors. Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop opened in 1948 and carried only 10 flavors at the time. Their most recent update discusses how they just made their 101st flavor. They also make "seasonal flavors from time to time that are not part of the 101 flavors and they are limited edition," which makes it even more difficult to get a concrete answer on the number of flavors in existence. 

In their quest to continue inventing flavors, they have "definitely experienced some strikeouts throughout the years. One of them that comes to recent memory is BBQ Potato Chip." There's truly a flavor for everyone out there, even for those with more diverse tastes than the traditional caramel and vanilla flavors (the picture on this article even shows a chicken and waffles flavor, which sounds super good and interesting).