Trader Joe's New Blue Corn Taco Shells Will Take Your Taco Tuesday To The Next Level

Let's be honest — is there any day of the week better than Taco Tuesday? We think not. And now Trader Joe's is looking to take your Taco Tuesday up a notch with the rollout of its latest goodie: blue corn taco shells. 

Spotted in Los Angeles, California by Instagram account @TraderJoesList, these blue corn tacos are said to be organic, stone ground, and gluten free, making them the triple threat your tacos need. And the response by others on the 'gram has already been full of positivity and excitement, ranging from "this is exciting," to "Yes! Appreciate that they're vegan, organic and gluten-free too." 

And these particular shells are just the tip of the iceberg. Trader Joe's also has organic stone ground yellow corn shells that are also made with 100% organic ingredients and have a light, crispy texture. The store also carries blue corn tortilla chips, as well, of which shoppers have also been a big fan, giving these shells an already captivated audience. "I love their blue corn tortilla chips, so I'm sure these are amazing," another user said about the new taco shells. Here's why you might find them appealing, too.

But what makes blue corn different?

So, what makes blue corn, stone ground taco shells different from others on the market? Well, for example, there's the "stone ground" aspect. Good Housekeeping says that stone ground corn or cornmeal is more flavorful than its counterparts because of the fact that it retains some of the hull and the germ in the process. It also leads to a more course texture, too. 

That's not all. There are plenty of reasons you should add blue corn to your diet in general. Women's Health explains that blue corn contains more anthocyanins than its yellow counterpart and anthocyanins are found to have effects on the body that are similar to antioxidants, says Verywell Health. They can also be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and even anti-cancer causing agents. And, anthocyanins may even help with heart function and fight high blood pressure, too. 

All those benefits from eating blue corn tacos and chips? We will definitely take it!