This Is How Much Fast Food Workers Actually Care When You Put Soda In A Water Cup

We've probably all seen someone do it at least once. Some of us may even be guilty of it ourselves. When you are at a fast food restaurant with a do-it-yourself soda fountain, some people have been known to ask for water cups — which are free at most places — only to fill the cup up with soda to avoid paying for the drink. It is a fairly common, albeit somewhat unethical practice, but have you ever wondered just how much fast food workers actually care?

Well, the short answer is: not that much. The trust is, fast food workers are often just too busy with all the other aspects of their job to notice what customers are filling their cups with. "I usually don't notice, I've got more important things to worry about," Reddit user cyanidepancakes wrote on the social media platform. "Personally I never noticed when it happened," another fast food worker concurred. Another Reddit user replied that, even if they do notice it, they usually don't do anything about it, "because it's usually not worth the hassle. Plus there's another 500 customers/cars to get through that day."

Soda is one of the highest profit items on most fast food menus

Reddit user u/lorditchy went on to explain: "I can say as a previous fast food manager that the beverages are the highest profit items on the menu even after theft and refills. Unless you are a small business owner in an area that it's so common that it's affecting your bottom line I wouldn't worry about it." So while it is a common practice, it likely isn't costing the restaurant too big of a financial hit, especially at larger fast food chains. However, another worker posted: "I know it's not my money, but, it still makes me feel like people are taking advantage of me when they steal soda." Although it might not be a big deal to the company's bottom line, it is still not the most ethical thing to do.

So if you are one of those people inclined to fill a water cup up with a beverage that is not water, you'll probably be able to get away with it at most fast food places. But this is still technically stealing, and if you really want a soda, it might be best to simply cough up the few extra bucks. At least the refills are free!