Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Return Of This Popular Seasonal Tea

Watermelon tea can truly capture the spirit of summer when it gets served up at any occasion. Typically, this drink takes some serious prep work to make. According to I Heart Recipes, anyone looking to whip up this drink at home first has to scoop the flesh out of a watermelon and puree it in a blender. While this method tastes excellent, many home cooks don't have the time to deal with the fuss of prepping the drink, especially if they have to focus on entertaining guests at backyard barbecues or pool parties. Luckily, Trader Joe's has stepped in to assist anyone looking to capture the flavors of this unique beverage with none of the hassle.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered that Trader Joe's now carries a mint-watermelon flavored black tea mix perfect for any warm weather gathering. They posted a picture of the find alongside the caption, "I literally received a DM earlier this week asking when this will be back! Well, here's your answer! Summer's most popular tea is back in stock." Shoppers immediately went wild when they saw the discovery and couldn't hold back their excitement.

The perfect Trader Joe's tea for hot summer days

If you thought this drink can't live up to the hype, you need to check out what people have said about the new tea. The Instagram post has so far accumulated over 10,000 likes and a ton of glowing comments that range from: "I just finished my last tea bag about a month ago! Thank the Trader's god," all the way to "I love this so much I stocked up and still have some, but that won't stop me from buying more!" The tea has already created a solid fanbase and its return has pleased many, but some shoppers miss the original packaging. Astute fans noticed the difference and replied with sentiments like: "Aw I liked the tin it came in before but glad its back."

If you have never tried out this watermelon mint tea before, you need to get this beverage in your life before other avid shoppers swipe it up. After one sip, anyone can see how this summertime tea turned into an instant fan favorite.