Adam Richman Really Wants To Host This Classic TV Show

TV show host Adam Richman has made a definite impact on the food industry with his appearances on the legendary show, "Man v. Food." As per The Guardian, Richman has eaten nearly everything possible on the show: from a burrito that weighed seven pounds to a cheeseburger with 12 patties. Phew.

Richman took his association with the show pretty seriously too. He said, "I'd always prepare. Usually I would do a cleanse after the challenge and then get right on the treadmill." Richman was referring to the massive food challenges he's had to confront on the show. He didn't go in blind and trained his body for the arduous process. Naturally, his work appealed to many viewers who loved watching him experiment with all kinds of dishes on "Man v. Food."

Richman told fellow chef Andrew Zimmern about how meaningful the show was to him. He said, "The destinations that we hit on 'Man v Food' are not only places that boast super delicious and decadent food items, but are also integral parts of the fabric and tapestry that make up that city or town they are located in."

While his show was clearly impactful, there's another one Richman would love to appear on.

He wants to appear on a popular TV game show

Recently, Adam Richman mentioned on Twitter that he'd love to be a part of a show that has been popular with TV audiences for a really long time: "Jeopardy." Richman wrote, "I'm gonna say it one more time... I just want one shot to host @Jeopardy!"

Fans were super happy to read this and wholeheartedly supported the host. One person wrote, "Never a greater, more humble, kind, humorous, genuine nice guy up for a job than this guy." They added that Richman has the ability to make others feel at ease and it's definitely worth giving him the opportunity to host "Jeopardy."

Another fan wrote that they would happily watch the game show and savor the episodes if Richman made an appearance. One other Twitter user said, "Wow, you would be a fantastic host Adam. So likable, tons of charisma. I hope it happens!!!" Seems like he's a popular option, huh?