Trader Joe's Fans Are Divided On Its Returning Cheesecake Cones

Trader Joe's is popular for many reasons. For one, its staff members don Hawaiian T-shirts at work and present a fun, vibrant vibe. Also, the brand stocks up on a lot of unique items that its fans absolutely love. Some of its most delicious offerings include products like peanut butter cups that are layered with dark chocolate, cinnamon sugar bread, fudge bites that are perfect for those on a keto diet, and more. However, some products from Trader Joe's attract polarized opinions from customers. 

For instance, the brand has mini cheesecake cones that are loved by some fans, but have left others unimpressed. The Instagram account, @traderjoesobsessed posted a photo of the product recently with a description that read, "These delicious MINI CHEESECAKE FLORENTINE CONES are back!! ($3.99 for 4 cones found in the frozen dessert section; 9/10 ) They are not too sweet together (the cone alone is very sweet) and so so rich & addicting." Their followers quickly responded to the post with mixed reviews.

Buyers seem to be undecided about the mini cheesecake cones

The post further added that the cones are rather nutty and chewy, which make them the perfect option for a brunch or dinner party. A commentator didn't hesitate to describe their love for the almond cones that come equipped with a tempting cheesecake filling and wrote, "This thing is crack! Yes it is very sweet but that's why you gotta share it and have it with a cup of delicious tea." However, this isn't how others felt after they tried it. 

Another buyer said that despite being quite enthusiastic about sampling the cones, they were left sorely disappointed because they found the cheesecake cones to be far too sweet for their taste. Someone else added that their family members simply couldn't get enough of the product and were big fans. Another Trader Joe's fan wrote, "These actually aren't that good... the cone is the worst part. I was disappointed." Seems like this one comes down to your individual preferences.