The Secret Ingredient For Extra Crunchy Slaw

We don't know about you, but we sure love eating fresh slaws. Whether it's a classic coleslaw with white or red cabbage, rose pink beet and carrot slaw, or even slaw just made out of broccoli and Brussels sprouts, they're all delicious in their own way. Coleslaws are also a brilliant way to showcase vegetables and possibly the best dish you can bring to a BBQ or potluck because of their beautiful color, tanginess, and crunch. 

And speaking of crunch, have you ever tried celery root? This hearty cold-weather root vegetable is — as you may have guessed — the bulb that forms underground below celery stalks. When eaten raw, celery root is remarkably crispy and full of moisture, making it the perfect addition to your slaw. Read on to learn more about this somewhat uncommon vegetable, how to prep it, and why you should include it in your next bowl of slaw.

Celery root and coleslaw are perfection together

Also known as celeriac, celery root is typically harvested in North America in the winter, after the first frost. The vegetable has a thick, gnarled skin that usually still includes some dirt and a few curly roots. The best way to attack it is to scrub the celery root in a bowl of cold water, then peel the skin using a paring knife or a very sharp vegetable peeler. This will expose the root's pure white flesh, which, when eaten raw, is crispy and juicy, with a celery-like flavor that's sweet and nutty.

Celery root is frequently consumed in France, where the dish celeri remoulade is a very common side dish (via David Lebovitz). This simple recipe is basically a slaw — matchsticks of celery root are tossed with a mustard based mayo, plus lemon juice and plenty of black pepper. Another classic recipe for celery root slaw includes sweet raw apples, which perfectly complement the earthy vegetable. Either way you go, you're sure to enjoy this tasty and unusual veggie.