Alex Guarnaschelli's Ultimate Secret Ingredient

Alex Guarnaschelli's cooking tips are useful for all kinds of home chefs. For example, she highly recommends adding different kinds of sauces to dishes for extra flavor. She told Cooking Light, "I'm a really big sauce person. And that's just the chef in me but I think it's something other people can do, too. I have a few sauces and vinaigrettes in the fridge at all times."

Her logic is rather straightforward: Use the ingredients you have at home to prepare a simple, wholesome meal. She said that this trick works for all kinds of dishes such as pasta and salads. The chef explained, "I'll pretty much put it [sauce] on anything, like a piece of fish, some cauliflower steak, a giant hunk of broccoli, even cabbage slaw." Sounds quite doable, right?

However, there is one particular sauce that she's partial to. Guarnaschelli reckons that it's a game-changer and helps her elevate her cooking game.

She loves Worcestershire sauce

As per Reader's Digest, Alex Guarnaschelli learned to use hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce in her dishes, thanks to her mom who vouched for the trick. She said that it's very useful when you're making a simple meal like scrambled eggs at home. Guarnaschelli explained that this combination can make eggs taste a lot better without being too overwhelming. The result is a delicious dish that is full of flavors. Such a simple trick, right?

Additionally, the chef admitted to the Food Network that Worcestershire sauce is the secret ingredient that never lets her down. She said, "I use a splash of this in everything from scrambled eggs to clam chowder. It just seems to fill the gap in flavor that is so often missing. To me, it is a secret weapon because it can add a cooked-in saltiness even if it's added at the last minute." Yummy.