You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Not Cooking, According To Alex Guarnaschelli

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli has come a long way in the culinary industry. According to her website, she spent her early years as a chef in France, working on her skills in the kitchen, training with renowned chefs, and working with several eateries before becoming well-known as an accomplished chef and a TV personality herself.

Guarnaschelli is someone who takes her work rather seriously, but is also practical in her approach. She told Mashed in an interview that she vouches for "survival type" cooking. Guarnaschelli said, "Don't get me wrong, I'll go in the kitchen and I'll make three sinks worth of dishes to make a pie." She added that there are days when she wants to take it easy and prepare a good meal without taxing herself. Simplicity is not always bad. As she explained, "Some recipes are more elaborate because they're worth it. Sometimes you just have to have those simpler dishes."

Alex Guarnaschelli keeps it real

For Alex Guarnaschelli, it's important to acknowledge that it's normal to not feel like cooking sometimes after hustling all day and that it's fine to cut yourself some slack. A fan asked her on Twitter whether she ever feels exhausted after preparing meals all day for work. They wrote about their personal experiences and said, "It doesn't sound right, but I sneak in an online pizza order because it's easy and after 12 hours in the restaurant you just don't want to deal with it anymore." 

Thankfully, Guarnaschelli had a reassuring response to offer and could empathize with the question. She wrote, "Such a natural feeling. Don't feel guilty about not wanting to cook for yourself after cooking for others all day."

But if you are in the mood for a simple meal at home, pasta is the way to go. As the chef told Mashed, "I think pasta is always a great way to get to a really satisfying meal quickly and easily."