Aldi Fans Love Its Sliced Apple Snack Packs For Summer Activities

When you need some great summer snacks, you have a ton of options at your disposal. You could always munch on classic standbys, like tortilla chips or pretzels, or you can go out towards left field with inventive options like honeydew granita or apricot fluff (via Taste of Home). While these options always have your back, sometimes it feels so much better to sink into a simple snack that tastes great and has a bunch of positive nutrition. With this ethos in mind, Aldi has the perfect food that can tide over anyone until a major meal.

Instagrammer @theamazingaldi found out that Aldi now carries apple snack packs, complete with green and red apples, alongside peanut butter and caramel dips. They immediately swiped up the find and posted a photo of the product alongside the caption, "These are the perfect on-the-go snack for the summer." Followers had to agree, awarding the post over 800 likes. Aldi fans couldn't hold back their excitement, replying to the post with glowing comments like, "these are so good! the apples are delicious and always crisp! I take them for work and it's the perfect pick me up on nightshift!" and "My daughter lives on the peanut butter ones."

Aldi does it again with their new snack pack

If you love the idea of grabbing a pack — or three — of these classic treats, make your way over to your local Aldi. The products should have hit all major locations, and prices vary based on which stores currently carry the apple snacks (via Aldi). Each carton comes with five snack packs and includes either sliced gala apples and peanut butter, or sliced granny smith apples with caramel sauce. Since these packs contain fresh sliced fruit, make sure to keep the items refrigerated — you wouldn't want these perfect snacks to oxidize and go brown on you.

Just make sure to get a move on and try out these apple bites while you can. Aldi has the habit of snatching up our favorite foods right as it seems like they have entered permanent rotation. Don't get caught out in the cold on this perfect fruit snack that begs you to indulge in more than one pack and keep an eye out for these goodies next time you go on a grocery run.