You Should Never Mix Kiwi And Dairy. Here's Why

It's hard to forget that iconic scene from "Friends" where Monica decides to make a kiwi lime pie instead of a key lime pie, and it results in a trip to the emergency room. While the episode explained that Ross was allergic, it turns out making a kiwi lime pie wouldn't be a good idea any way. According to The Michelin Guide, dairy doesn't mix well with the fruit due to a certain enzyme inside of it. Considering the main ingredients of Monica's pie were kiwi and assumedly some combination of condensed milk, heavy cream, and whipped cream, it would've been a recipe for disaster in real life, regardless of allergies.

Mixing kiwi and dairy definitely isn't dangerous enough to land you in the hospital, but it does cause some not so pleasant results, like leading the milk to coagulate. The reason is that the fruit is naturally high in actinidain, an enzyme that "breaks down protein in foods like meat, dairy, and eggs." As The Kitchn further explains, when the protein in milk is broken down, it clumps together and forms curds. This doesn't work so well in dairy-based desserts. At least, if you want them to look delectable.

Kiwi-flavored desserts aren't popular for a reason

Unless you only use a small amount of the fruit, chances are that kiwi ice cream or a kiwi crème brûlée just won't hold up. Kiwi certainly won't ruin the flavor of a dairy-based dessert, but The Michelin Guide warns it'll definitely ruin the texture. It's therefore a challenge to incorporate the fruit into certain recipes, but if you decide to do so, it's recommended to use it only in moderation or as a garnish. "Keep your kiwi slices on top of your pavlova and not folded into the cream, or the meringue will not form well," they advise.

But while a pavlova might be able to withstand a little kiwi if prepared according to The Michelin Guide's instructions, anything with both dairy and gelatin (such as mousse, whipped cream frosting, or certain cream pies), won't stand a chance. The actinidain in the kiwi also prevents gelatin from solidifying, so between that and the coagulated dairy, you'll be left with a chunky, watery mess. Take it from Monica and Ross, and just stick to key lime pie instead. And enjoy that kiwi raw — it's already sweet enough.