This Is What Chef Curtis Stone Typically Eats In A Day - Exclusive

If there's one thing that unites everyone, it's sharing a common love for food. That's why, during an exclusive interview with Mashed, chef Curtis Stone, who you may recognize as a co-judge on Fox's "Crime Scene Kitchen," shared what he usually eats in a day. His initial answer was one you might expect from a versatile, Michelin-starred chef like Stone too. He simply said, "Everything. I eat a lot." Fortunately, he walked us through a typical day in meals or bites.

"I cook breakfast in the morning for my boys and that's pretty healthy, fruit and bacon and eggs or cereal, avocado toast, English muffins," Stone said. But after a wholesome breakfast, he's on the move most of the day. "I'm a grazer, of course in the kitchen, you work your a** off. So you're on your feet all day and you're constantly cooking stuff. So you're constantly tasting it," Stone added.

Stone does take time with his team before they really gear up for the dinner rush, though. "We don't sit down and eat multiple meals, but we do all sit down as a team around five o'clock ... just before service and we all eat together. So that's sort of a bigger meal and that's always cooked by someone different and something different," Stone said of life working at his restaurant Maude in Beverly Hills. To top it all off and to tide him over until breakfast again, Stone said, "I usually have a bit of a midnight snack when I get home as well." Clearly, he's in the kitchen from sun up to well after sundown.

Stone isn't a big fan of fast food, though

While Curtis Stone says he eats "everything" in a day, one thing you won't find on his plate is fast food. "I don't really go to chains to be honest," Stone said. Instead, his favorite fast food is tacos. Though he didn't specify what kind of tacos, there are tons of options and combinations when it comes to the food which might be part of their appeal.

While it seems Stone's version of fast food has to do with the short amount of time it takes to prepare the dishes, there is one fast food chain that has won him over. "My wife's introduced me to In-N-Out," Stone said. "So if we're on a trip, I might hit a Double-Double. Yeah. Double-Double, animal style, but I don't eat from chains very often," he added. Even if it is a rare occurrence for Stone, In-N-Out must be one of the most beloved fast food chains around. So, he is in good company.

To catch Curtis Stone talking desserts — alongside cake aficionado Yolanda Gampp and hilarious host Joel McHale — catch "Crime Scene Kitchen," Wednesdays on Fox.