People Are Losing It Over This Chicago Cubs 'Beer Snake'

There's nothing quite like watching your favorite baseball team from the sidelines of the stadium. Whether it's cheering on the best player, meeting other superfans, or just enjoying a delicious hotdog, it's hard to beat that experience. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it difficult to attend our favorite sporting events in person for over a year. Now with more people getting vaccinated, stadiums have begun opening its doors to more sports lovers and to say they're excited to be back, would be an understatement. 

Over the weekend, fans at a Chicago Cubs baseball game got creative with their empty beer cups. ESPN's Twitter posted a video showing baseball enthusiasts linking their cups together in what looked like the shape of a snake that stretched to an impressive length. Many fans that watched the clip said they were happy to see people celebrating together again and it made them feel like things were finally getting back to normal. However, other viewers were not very pleased to see this kind of behavior.

People have mixed reactions to the Chicago Cubs 'beer snake'

Some followers of ESPN's post expressed their joy at seeing everyone working together to create the drink creature, saying Cubs fans were the best. One enthusiastic user wrote, "Feed the snake and watch it grow!" Another fan commented, "If you've ever stay in the Bleachers at #wrigleyfield you know this is just another day at the ballpark! Feels good to feel normal again!" A different follower noted that the beer snake has been around for awhile, but they were happy to see more joining in after last year. But not everyone was thrilled to see the beverage creation being built.

One viewer was simply not impressed and wrote, "This is corny as the wave stop showing them doing this and maybe they'll stop." However, many others seemed to be much more worried for health reasons. A Twitter user commented, "It was cool looking and all but, damn people!! Covid-19 isn't over. I expect an uptick in Chicago in the next week with positive Covid tests." Another added, "So just pass all the germs around including covid because we know ALL of them maskless folks are not vaccinated." With all of these mixed reviews, it's clear that fans are still torn over whether they're ready for things to go back to completely normal again.