Jeni's Newest Flavors Are Inspired By These Classic Summer Treats

We are all screaming for this news because Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream just announced their new summer treats. According to a company press release sent to Mashed, the five new flavors are inspired by the classic summer ice cream truck. We were just transported back to childhood.

Does anyone else crave ice cream every day in the summer? Same here. It is like a rite of passage the moment the weather gets warmer, so we are always looking for new flavors to please our dessert cravings. The entirety of the collection will be available online on July 8, or separate pints will be sold throughout the summer on individual dates. What's on offer this summer?

The first up is Rocket Pop, a combination of a creamy and tart blueberry with a pineapple swirl. The treat comes with a buttermilk cream that is lightweight for a taste that sends you to the moon. It will be available online and in stores on July 8.

Mango Cheesecake Swirl is inspired by the infamous New York-style cheesecake. This ice cream is garnished with a gourmet mango drizzle. Available online and in shops on July 15, this smooth ice cream contains the perfect touch of sweetness.

Jeni's is introducing more new flavors all summer long

That's not all Jeni's has in store. Next up: Imagine orange soda but in ice cream form. That is what Jeni's Splendid has created with their new Orange Freeze flavor. Available online and in stores on July 22, this dairy-free flavor is a replica of the blood orange, tart orange juice, and coconut cream flavor you loved as a kid.

This next flavor is officially intriguing and will definitely be a fan favorite. High Five Candy Bar consists of peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, and pretzels to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The secret ingredient, honey, is inspired by the original candy bar and adds the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It is so drool-worthy that Jeni's Splendid made it specifically to be stocked at Whole Foods. We are so excited to buy it in stores and online on July 29.

Last but not least is Golden Nectar. When we think of this phrase, we think Greek mythology. Let's be real: This flavor is definitely designed for the gods and goddesses. Golden Nectar "tastes like fading summer sunlight topped with cracked caramel," according to the press release sent to Mashed. We aren't totally sure what that means, but it sounds like our new favorite ice cream flavor. The amber-colored treat is similar to a chilled summer chai containing notes of nectar, vanilla, and clove. Get it while you can online and in shops on August 6, because this collection is like no other!