The Most Nutritious Part Of Cod May Surprise You

Aside from being delicious with pretty much everything, fish is known for two things: boosting brain power and being smelly. While the sometimes disturbing scent of our watery friends is undeniable, research revealed by Forbes concluded that fish does actually benefit the brain, helping to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Investigations have found that certain types of fish benefit humans in different ways, making them a key part of a nutritious diet. The NHS suggests that people generally do not include enough fish in their diets and recommends adding white fish varieties — particularly cod — to promote a healthy lifestyle.

By grilling or baking rather than frying (and not smothering in batter), the NHS notes that cod has a noticeably low fat content, making it an especially good alternative to red or processed meats. Surprisingly enough, the liver is seen as the most nutritious part of cod, as it is packed full of vitamins that have turned cod liver oil into a popular health supplement (via DrugBank Online).

Cod livers are brimming with important nutrients for a healthy life

According to BBC Good Food, cod livers are overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids. It is essential to acquire these nutrients from food because the human body is unable to produce them itself. The Washington State Department of Health notes that omega-3 acids help to protect the heart by lowering blood pressure, promote the physical development of babies, and have been associated with reducing the chances of developing depression, diabetes, and arthritis.

BBC Good Food states that cod liver is also a critical source of vitamin D, which aids the structure of strong bones, as well as vitamin A, which is crucial for keeping eyes and skin healthy. However, although the convenience of cod liver oil supplements has been recognized, the outlet advises that eating cod liver is preferential to swallowing a supplement.

The benefit of eating cod rather than ingesting quick vitamin boosts is that all of the other enhancements contained within the fish can be used by the body. According to LiveStrong, these include vitamin B for cell development and protein for the upkeep of bones, muscles, and skin. Now it makes sense why the British eat fish and chips every chance they get.