What You Didn't Know About The Habit Burger Grill's Food Trucks

Food trucks have been around for a while, long before they became trendy or an important part of the food scene. Oftentimes, food trucks would park near construction sites or areas where access to deli's or a quick bite to eat was nowhere in site, providing a helpful service by offering people an easy way to grab lunch without losing time on their short lunch break.

Food trucks have not only become a trend, but can be a stepping stone for a restaurateur or chef to get their food idea and business off the ground before committing to a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Known for using quality ingredients, The Habit Burger Grill has focused on establishing itself as the go-to spot by offering an array of choices that include not only hamburgers and sandwiches but also salads and varied sides, such as tempura green beans and onion rings. This burger chain has around 300 locations, mostly in California and Asia, according to its website.

Where can you find a Habit Burger Grill food truck?

So what made this hamburger chain opt to have food trucks, too? Well, as it turns out, food trucks make it that much easier to get delicious burgers into the hands and mouths of customers by going to where they are. However, you won't find The Habit Burger Grill's trucks at any food event because these grills on wheels are a part of its catering services. According to The Habit Burger's website, all trucks have a full kitchen with a stainless steel charbroiler that provides the signature smoky flavor that you'll taste in its hamburgers, veggie burgers, and Ahi tuna sandwiches.

Now this is a brilliant idea because it ensures the food will be piping hot when it's served and that the staff is dedicated to those that have hired the food truck to cater. So, if you're craving burgers for a work event, a wedding, celebration or even a neighborhood party, you can have a special Habit Burger Grill Food Truck come to you.