Wendy's Responded To Migos' Free Cheeseburger Song

If Wendy's $5 Biggie Bag commercial and its DJ Khaled featuring Migos jingle have't already worked their way through every nook and cranny of your waking and sleeping brain, you deserve a prize. A giant gold star or something. To quote one vexed Twitter user, "I've watched enough NBA playoff games that I'm now thoroughly mad whenever I see the Wendy's MAJOR BAG ALERT commercial."

On June 15 radio personality Angie Martinez was chilling with the hip-hop trio Migos, when they broke out into the jingle themselves (via Twitter). Migos then claimed that "You know if you got to wendy's and say that you'll get a free double cheeseburger." This, naturally, led Martinez to seriously investigate the claim. "Can someone @Wendys please confirm or deny??" she tweeted. Will breaking out into "Bag alert, major bag alert" at Wendy's really get you a free cheeseburger?

Look, more bizarre things have happened. Take the time Burger King sent its customers Mickey D's ... on purpose. Or let's talk about the time that Domino's thought it was a good idea to create a wedding registry (via Next Restaurants).

Is Migos' "Bag Alert" claim true? We investigate

On June 16, Wendy's answered Angie Martinez's inquiry. "Try it and see what happens," it challenged followers via tweet. Wendy's further stipulated that "You'll get a free Jr Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase in the app," and "this one is just for fun." Confused? Yeah, so was one Twitter-using attorney's office that scolded Wendy's that "Your disclaimer isn't clear enough" (via Twitter). 

Because hope springs eternal, free cheeseburger hopefuls have tried it out. One customer who allegedly sang "Major Bag Alert" claimed on Twitter that they got "sweet and sour sauce instead." Another sang into the mic while ordering from their car to the bewilderment of a Wendy's employee, and posted this video for your amusement. Et voilà: singing "bag alert, major bag alert" at your local Wendy's probably won't get you free food. Good try though, Migos. Better luck next time.