Reddit Pointed Out This Strange MasterChef Shoe Theory

Reality TV is questionable. Whether it's Real World-style "trash" television or a cooking competition featuring only the best of the best, it always comes across as a vaguely different universe, as if some normal day-to-day rules just do not apply. "MasterChef," despite being known for its relatability, heart, and charisma thanks to its cast of humble home cooks, is no exception.

If you are tuning in at home, you may have wondered about the fashion choices that the chefs make prior to hitting the set. High heels in a kitchen looks like an accident waiting to happen, and once you notice it, the magical illusion that is reality TV fades just a little bit. The Gordon Ramsay-hosted show is one of the most popular series on FOX, and while no one is questioning the incredible quality of the food that hits the judges' table, some fans are talking about just how realistic this competition may really be.

But before you go judging the girl donning six-inch stilettos, you should know she probably did not pick them out herself. Former "MasterChef" contestant Jessie Glenn shared her experience with Salon, explaining that some things were not up to the chefs — including their wardrobe.

"Our clothing was assigned the first day and cleared with costume," Glenn notes. So, if the contestants aren't the ones opting for Louboutins and flip flops, what else might be going on behind the scenes?

MasterChef follows traditional kitchen rules — even if it doesn't seem like it on-air

The unbelievable shoe choice of some contestants came to light in a recent Reddit thread, where fans sounded off on how ridiculous the whole "MasterChef" high-heel deal comes across. Some were concerned about the safety of the cast, raising questions about whether or not the producers were valuing looks over preventing an accident on set. Others, however, did a little bit of classic Internet sleuthing and deduced that the shoes — like everything else on reality TV — may just be for show.

One user speculated, "I think some of them might wear more appropriate shoe ware while cooking and then change into their 'tv shoes' during important events where they are filming more closely," and others echoed the idea. In a surprising turn of events, "MasterChef: Legends" contestant Nayha Hussain joined in on the conspiracy chit-chat with some confirmation: "Exactly right."

Hussain clarified a bit more in another comment, writing that contestants "don't actually wear high heals [sic] or unsafe shoes during cooking." She confirmed that they wear kitchen-safe, non-slip shoes while actually cooking, but "we switch out shoes before and after cooking. Everyone is wearing safe shoes while cooking." Phew!