The In-N-Out Secret Menu Item So Rare Some Employees Have Never Even Heard Of It

In-N-Out has always had a secret menu — just ask anyone who's ordered some animal-style fries. This secret item however, won't make your regular In-N-Out lists. It's so secret, in fact, that many employees don't even know it exists. Those employees who are aware, might not even be allowed to make it. What is this mystery food? The In-N-Out chocolate donut. 

Redditor pouterkeg shared, "The chocolate doughnut is an unofficial secret menu item, one that the employees are forbidden to make. It's made by submerging a hamburger bun in chocolate shake, then deep-frying it." Even employees on the Reddit thread were unaware of this practice because the leap from burger to donut isn't exactly intuitive, but one employee who's online name is Nighthawk700 shared a little more (via Reddit), "Its a little greasy if you overcook it but its surprisingly good (chocolate or strawberry btw)."

Now keep in mind, this was a special listed almost a decade ago on Reddit, and it hasn't really picked up steam. That's probably because it's an employees-only kind of deal.

Sometimes an extra secret menu should stay that way

As Reddit user NightHawk700 shared, helpfully informing multiple discussion threads about the elusive donut, "Employee here. You use shake syrup not actual shake. Thats classic 'secret, secret menu' stuff...We do some pretty creative stuff when its either slow or right before closing. None of which we can serve to the customer unfortunately or openly acknowledge around certain authorities."

It's pretty common that restaurant employees will get creative with given foods, especially before shutdown. Employees often begin to crave variety that they wouldn't necessarily offer to a customer, as it's an off-brand improv just made for hungry staff. This writer can personally attest to some highly creative Cheddar Bay Biscuit sandwiches creations made at Red Lobster, for example. NightHawk700 explained further, "The novelty is nice when you eat In-n-Out 5 days a week." Basically, no matter how good the food tastes, variety is nice.

And as for why you shouldn't expect to taste this donut for yourself any time soon, NightHawk700 concluded, "Some things are more frowned upon then others like anything involving shake syrup (expensive and usually tracked), and the donuts are a double whammy cause buns are strictly handled, but if you concoct something off company time that isnt going to break health codes, unreasonably use produce, or hurt the real food going out to the customers you usually can get away with it."