The Best Flavor In The World, According To Andrew Zimmern

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern definitely knows what he is doing as far as food is concerned. He told the Travel Channel that the reason he is so fascinated by food is his upbringing. He said, "I like food, I am a chef and a traveler, and I am a paler version of my dad. He is a legendary eater and traveler." Zimmern added that his mom was equally interested in food and learned cooking tips from restaurateur Vic Bergeron's kid in college.

Basically, Zimmern was encouraged to explore all kinds of food experiences while growing up. The chef said, "By the time I was 10, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Be in the food business. And I started getting into serious kitchens by the time I was 14."

As a foodie, Zimmern is partial to many delights, including Chinese dishes (via Food & Wine). He also mentioned that he loves the dishes his wife prepares, such as gefilte fish, falafel with schug, stuffed cabbage, and more. But what's the chef's favorite flavor in the world?

Andrew Zimmern is a fan of geoduck

Andrew Zimmern waxed eloquent about an unusual food item recently: the geoduck. He explained that he's a huge fan of its flavors. He wrote on Instagram, "There is no better flavor in the world than a fresh raw geoduck... it's so sweet and delicious."

He even posted a video for his fans, demonstrating the best way to slice, prep, and serve the dish on ice. A Zimmern fan could not help but be intrigued. She wrote, "You've been saying this for years!! I've got to try it." Another fan wrote that they were so motivated by the video that they went ahead and got some geoduck for themselves. A couple of commenters mentioned that the dish is indeed delicious.

However, some folks were not on board with the idea. Another commenter said, "This video makes me very uncomfortable." Oops. Per Eater, geoduck is best described as sweet and isn't everyone's cup of tea on account of the fact that it looks so different and, shall we say... phallic. It's also extremely pricey and costs as much as $20 to $30 per pound.