Trader Joe's New Corn And Cheese Arepas Are Turning Heads

When you want a quick pick-me-up, nothing hits the spot like a quick arepa. While the dish has popped up across Central and South America, most eaters commonly associate the food with Venezuela or Colombia. Arepas, which consist of corn patties shaped into English muffin-shaped patties, get stuffed with fillings in the Venezuelan version and topped with extras in Colombia. If you love the idea of indulging in these crispy, savory treats and want to indulge in some Colombian-inspired arepas, Trader Joe's has a new meal with your name on it.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist recently discovered that the grocery chain now carries a twist on Colombian arepas and posted a photo of the find alongside the caption, "NEW CORN & CHEESE AREPAS This appears to be a remix of a grilled cheese (using mozzarella). I have no qualms with any dish that melds 2 substances with melted cheese in the middle. I'm tempted to add jalapeño to this or something spicy to compliment the sweet corn cakes." Followers couldn't agree more, awarding the post over 34,000 likes and flooding the comment section with a ton of positive replies.

A Trader Joe's twist on a Colombian classic

Fans can't get enough of these new arepas. Followers have chimed in with glowing comments that range from "I only get to have these during NYC street fairs! Excited for these!" all the way to "Trader Joe's is just killin the game! This is native to Colombia." Some astute shoppers also noticed the connection to Colombian arepas, claiming, "Sprinted to the comments for the Colombians! Arepas are a staple and def not a grilled cheese remix yikes." These shoppers hit the nail on the head — the new Trader Joe's product feature two Colombian arepas topped with melted cheese that get stacked on top of each other to form a creation that looks similar to a sandwich.

If you have always wanted to explore the wide world of arepas or just crave a new treat that guarantees to please, you have to get your hands on a box of these arepas while you can. Thanks to the item's immediate popularity, you know these Colombian classics have the potential to fly off shelves and you don't want to miss the unique culinary experience locked away in every package. Make sure to grab some of these corn and cheese arepas while you can and celebrate this no-hassle Colombian classic in the comfort of your own home.