The Real Reason Alton Brown Doesn't Know Where His Peabody Award Is

For many journalists, receiving a Peabody Award is one of the highest honors they could ever dream of. The award is given to those that produce digital work that serves the public good by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Fortunately for Alton Brown, he was a Peabody recipient in 2007, according to Seattle PI.

The honor was bestowed to him for his "Good Eats" show on the Food Network, which the awarding body described as a "goody, tirelessly inventive series." While Brown's signature style of educating people on the science and culture of food continues to be lauded, he certainly does not have the award to show for it today (via Food Network). As it turns out, Brown actually lost his award some six years after receiving it. Given the circumstances of the award's disappearances, you might be left with a lot of questions.

It was actually taken from him

According to the Food Network, most of his awards, meaning the two James Beard Awards Brown also won, feature his name on the plaque and are carefully placed in a drawer in his office. However, his Peabody Award is noticeably missing from the collection. Apparently, Brown's Peabody was lying in the back of his car when it was stolen in 2013.

Naturally, this raises quite a few unanswered questions like: Why was the Peabody in the back of his car some six years after he won it? And, why does Brown now store his awards in a drawer rather than display them? People understandably want to know a little more about Brown's entire award situation. The one thing that is known, is that Brown doesn't have a clue as to where his Peabody Award is now nor will he likely get it back. But it's certainly an unfortunate story.