The Airbnb Kitchen Rule You Should Never Break

Airbnb launched in 2008, but within the last six or seven years the online platform for home-stays has really skyrocketed into a true phenomenon. Whether you're browsing for a vacation or long-term house to stay in — or on the flip side, are looking to rent out your space to make some extra cash, Airbnb is the place to be. The online marketplace is the hub for rentals of all kinds — apartments, full houses, cabins, boats, you name it — as well as more newly launched tourism experiences.

Because you're renting out someone's space or additional home, the host may choose to make the living situation a bit more personal. For example, they may supply board games, cookbooks, or an in-depth travel brochure with details about the surrounding shops and restaurants alongside personal recommendations and notes. These are all things that may gravitate you more toward renting an Airbnb than a hotel where things tend to be a bit more cookie-cutter and commercial.

But, while Airbnb rentals certainly have their perks, they do come with a little more maintenance and responsibility than a hotel room. The biggest being the kitchen.

Cleaning up food mess should be a standard policy

If you're staying with a large group of people or want to be conscious about not eating out every night during your vacation, Airbnb is the way to go because — unlike hotels — almost all of the homes or units come with a kitchen. However, having a kitchen at your disposal also means having to tidy up before you check out.

According to The Kitchn, there is definite Airbnb etiquette — for example, it is indecent and disrespectful to leave leftover food and drinks in the refrigerator. The only time it may be acceptable is if you're leaving behind a sealed (keyword: sealed) gift like a bottle of wine. If you are planning on doing the latter, be sure to alert the host so they know to look for it. 

The host may also ask you to toss garbage bags into their designated bins and to rinse off your dishes or run the dishwasher before departing. Typically, they'll leave a booklet with information about Wi-Fi, trash days, extra linens, as well as a checkout to-do list. In the end, it's not much more than what you would do to your own kitchen before you leave for vacation, so it's best to be respectful and tidy up.