People Are Loving Costco's Chocolaty Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

Yesterday, popular Instagram account Costco_doesitagain shared their latest discovery. Costco now stocks Chocolate Chip Dō Bites, a plant-based chocolate chip cookie dough treat covered in chocolate. Each box contains a dozen individually wrapped bites for $8.49.

Considering how plant-based everything has suddenly become rather faddish, it should not surprise you to learn that Dō Bites received a broadly rapturous response to their existence. "Love this brand for my egg and peanut allergy son!" one parent exclaimed amongst the comments all tagging friends with various statements about the sudden necessity for a Costco membership. "Can't wait to see them at Costco!!" That said, a few disappointed reviews poke through, complaining that the bites either taste too doughy or feels "like eating sand."

You do not actually need a Costco membership to buy the Dō Bites, however. The store locator provided by Leah's Better Bites, the company behind the Dō Bites, informs anyone who is curious that the product is stocked by Whole Foods, Kroger, Tom Thumb, and many others.

What's in vegan cookie dough bites?

As stated, the Dō Bites are plant-based. That, however, covers a wide range of ingredients which @Coscto_doesitagain does not share.

Go Dairy Free, though, does. Instead of dairy, the bites are made of a vegan butter that comes from a blend of various vegetable oils and an egg replacer composed of potato starch and tapioca flour. The rest of the ingredient list follows what you would expect of chocolate chip cookie dough dunked in chocolate. So does the nutritional content. For the sake of balance, however, it should be noted that such an ingredient list means that the treat is non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and vegan. The inspiration behind the product line, according to the company's website, is that founder Leah Lopez discovered their child had severe food allergies, so they invented these recipes to allow the family to celebrate special occasions.

If blobs of cookie dough aren't your thing, Leah's Better Bites also offers cake bites, icing-filled chocolate cupcakes reminiscent of Hostess Cupcakes, and a chocolate cake. All are equally safe for those with severe allergies, though, of course, you should check the ingredient list beforehand for extra certainty.