The Surprising Way Sonic Is Encouraging People To 'Hack' Its Menu

TikTok is filled with fun food hacks that we just can't stop watching. In the same manner that we do with IKEA items, we love taking a simple and straightforward idea and making it something better by "hacking" it. TikTok is likely the top of the list for current food hackers, and Sonic chose to reach out and embrace this trend. The drive-up food chain has issued three different challenges to popular TikTok hackers regarding the brand's onion rings, Coney, and cherry Limeaid (via AdWeek). The challenge was to recreate these iconic items using only ingredients from other fast food chains.

Sonic's chief marketing officer Lori Abou Habib said, "Watching these three valiantly try to concoct some of our most unique menu items was funny and entertaining. For nearly 70 years, Sonic has made its mark as a distinctive destination for entrées, drinks and sides you just can't find anywhere else. This TikTok challenge just goes to show that when you really want Sonic, nothing else will do."

So what can we expect? TikToker Newton Nguyen attempted to hack Sonic's Hand Made Onion Rings on June 22. In a TikTok video, Nguyen described the goodness of Sonic onion rings as having both breading and a little sweetness, so they then made their own version with burger buns, burger onion slices, and some vanilla milkshake (via TikTok).

A Sonic TikTok mashup worth watching

Newton Nguyen said before the challenge began, "The Sonic menu is something special, there's no doubt about it. I take on food challenges all the time, and normally, they turn out pretty good. But this one — this one kind of stumped me," (via TikTok).

Next up is TikTok user Nicole Renard's hack of the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney on June 24. With over 2 million followers, viewers can often find Renard with a healthy take on a fast food favorite or a handled mason jar mug on hand. Is it really possible to make a healthier Coney that still tastes good? We'll be following to find out.

The final leg of this food hack journey will be anchored by Kena Peay tackling the Cherry Limeade on June 26. Peay specializes in food that is just plain interesting. From different ways to enjoy oxtail to a double drenched gooey cheese slider smash burger (via TikTok), this creator is sure to surprise you with some specialized results. 

The winner of the challenge will take home the "Hack our Menu" title, per QSR Web, and social media accolades. And what is the win for Sonic? The idea is that while creators may come close, Sonic's flavors are a one-of-a-kind experience. To enjoy the real deal, food fans need to visit their local Sonic themselves.