The Huge Tip Left At This New Hampshire Restaurant Stunned Staff

When it comes to tipping restaurant staff, it's well-known that the protocol is different depending on where you find yourself in the world. According to Lonely Planet, several eateries in Europe already add a service charge to the final bill and tipping isn't considered essential. Meanwhile, in the U.S. and Canada, tipping is pretty much the norm, of course, and most places do expect a tip from customers, usually around 20% of the bill. Meanwhile, restaurants in Central and South American destinations such as Mexico, Argentina, and Peru usually include service charges in the final bill. 

That said, tips can be a big financial help if a worker doesn't make much from hourly wages alone and is expected to earn the bulk of their money through generous tips from customers. Well, a benevolent guest at a diner in New Hampshire decided to be extra considerate and went out of their way to make a service worker's day recently (via Fox News). Make no mistake: the tip was massive.

It was a incredible amount

As reported by Fox News, a customer was so happy with the service at Stumble Inn Bar and Grill that they left behind a pleasant surprise for its staff: $16,000 as a tip. No kidding! What's more, they chose to stay anonymous.

The owner of the eatery simply couldn't believe it. He commented, "It's unbelievable. I just never in my life thought somebody would come in here and do that. I didn't even think it was going to be true until it cleared the bank." In fact, he even warned his staff members to not get their hopes up in case the money didn't come through. The details of the tip were posted on Facebook on Stumble Inn's official page. The customer didn't order a lot: a couple of hot dogs, a few beverages, and pickle chips for a total of $37.93.

Well, this generous customer has made everyone at Stumble Inn very happy indeed. The final amount has been divided among the kitchen as well as bar staff. The owner said, "Everybody thought it might be a celebrity that was here, but it wasn't. It was just an 'average Joe.'" He further noted that the customer genuinely doesn't want attention for his act of kindness.