Is Doritos Really Releasing A Strawberries And Cream Flavor?

Chip companies have a reputation for pushing the very boundaries of acceptable snack food flavors. Brands have released some incredibly weird varieties of their signature products that come in flavors that range from cappuccino, all the way to salted Christmas tree. With the bar already set high, Doritos teased a new contender that caused readers across the internet to wince. According to Taste of Home, Doritos has teased plans to follow up their pickle and Mountain Dew-flavored chips with Strawberries and Cream Doritos. 

The chip company clearly knows they have scared their fans with the announcement, having posted a picture of the product on their Instagram alongside the caption, "Strawberries & Cream Doritos, you didn't ask for them, but you'll definitely want to try them." Dorito lovers couldn't believe the announcement, and immediately assumed the brand pranked its fans. Comments range from "Anyone else for a split second think it must be April 1st," and "These sound to good to be true... A Wimbledon collab maybe?" 

Doritos shows their true colors

U.K. fans of the chips suspected that the advertisement played into the upcoming Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, where the standard practice of consuming strawberries and cream has stood as a longstanding tradition for generations (via Snopes). Shortly after the announcement came out on social media, Doritos came forward and announced that the products wouldn't actually hit store shelves anywhere. It was revealed that the teased flavor ties into the brand's partnership with the U.K. music festival Strawberries and Creem and served as a promotional tie-in to the event (via Taste of Home).

With so many outlandish chip flavors scattered throughout the world, you never have to worry about finding a unique snack for any occasion. If you can't wait to try these teased chips, you have to hold out a bit longer until a brand takes up the challenge to deliver such a bold new flavor. For now, just keep an eye out for more strange chips and always approach the products with skepticism, as they may just serve as a promotion for a music festival.