Why Drinking Coffee Might Be Good For Your Vision

Water may well have a claim to fame as being vital to sustaining life, but it is nothing compared to the massive importance of coffee. On average, 62% of U.S. residents enjoy a daily influx of coffee, while regular coffee drinkers down three cups of the brown brilliance, according to research by the NCA (National Coffee Association, that is — not the other one).

As such, coffee is big business. The NCA data suggests that flamboyant, original coffee flavors are the major favorites among American consumers, leading to massive revenue expectations of almost $30 billion a year for significant players like Starbucks (via CNBC).

Coffee makes the average customer feel good in the mornings, but with frequent reports about how caffeine creates risks of health problems such as anxiety, muscle pain, and fatigue (as noted by Better Health), is there an upside? How might coffee be of benefit to physical wellbeing — actually good for you?

Coffee may help to protect eyes from age-related deterioration and disease

Research revealed by the American Optometric Association (AOA) suggests that a key component of coffee could play a crucial role in helping to prevent weakening eyesight caused by old age. The investigation, carried out by Cornell University, displayed a link between chlorogenic acid (CLA) and protection against eyesight damage caused by diabetes, aging, and glaucoma.

ScienceDaily explains that (despite its reputation) coffee only contains 1% caffeine, compared to up to 9% CLA. The Cornell experiment treated mice with chemicals designed to cause retinal problems — however, the rodents dosed with CLA did not develop issues. Because of the revelations in the study, scientists are now looking to establish whether drinking coffee will allow CLA to filter into the eye similarly to how it is absorbed into the digestive system.

If this is found to be possible, the AOA records that it creates the potential for CLA to be incorporated into eye drops, developing the possibility of preventing sight loss. As well as the chance of being able to prevent serious eye conditions, coffee is associated with cutting the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's, according to ScienceDaily.