Where Alton Brown's Good Eats Is Really Filmed

Celebrity chef, Alton Brown, has been an inspiration to many fans thanks to his passion for food and his dedication to decoding cooking for his viewers. His show, "Good Eats" is quite popular thanks to Brown's sheer dedication to making cooking a lot more accessible to home chefs. Also, his series is very entertaining for his viewers because Brown is not afraid to be completely himself. 

In an act of transparency, the host admitted that the one ingredient that he found particularly tricky to work with was avocado, so his production team built a whole episode around it. "That one really beat me until I thought that an avocado is mostly fat," he explained to Delish. "So we did a show where we turned avocados into a butter, an ice cream and a cake frosting." However, despite his show being a success, Brown had to wait to bring the idea to life for many years.

Where Alton Brown's show was first filmed might surprise you

As per a YouTube video, Alton Brown actually started shooting "Good Eats" in homes before moving on to other locations. A Twitter user wrote, "They filmed in actual houses for the early seasons and shifted to sets during the original run." This took another fan by surprise because they thought that the show was being shot on a set throughout. 

Also, the show's first few episodes were shot using film and not tape, unlike many other shows (via The Daily Meal). Its producer, Sarah Burmeister generously lent her kitchen to Brown and the rest of the crew, so that they could shoot the show smoothly in a quiet space. Interestingly, one episode was even filmed inside Brown's home. In case you're curious to see it, look for the first episode in the ninth season titled "Give Peas a Chance." If you're lucky, you may even spot the host's family members, who also love being apart of the show.