Andrew Zimmern Swears By These 'Foolproof' Chicken Wings

If there's anything we've learned from Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods," it's that host Andrew Zimmern's taste in food is always unpredictable and far from traditional. After all, one of his favorite cheeses is casu marzu, an illegal maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia, and his signature catchphrase is, "If it looks good, eat it."

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that his go-to chicken wing sauce, as shared on his Twitter, isn't buffalo or barbecue, but rather a mix of apricot jam, Dijon mustard, and Greek yogurt. Of course, this flavor combination isn't quite as adventurous as the ones you might see on "Bizarre Foods," but leave it to Zimmern to come up with a concoction that you wouldn't think would work, but apparently is the most delicious way to enjoy chicken wings.

To put it simply, Zimmern's chicken wing glaze works well because of how dynamic the flavors are. The sweetness of the apricot jam, along with the strong kick of Dijon and the sour creaminess of the Greek yogurt, create an explosion of umami. As Zimmern described in his instructional video (posted on YouTube), it's basically "a flavor profile that is going to dazzle your guests."

Only grilling these chicken wings will do the flavor justice

Zimmern lets the chicken wings marinate in the refrigerator overnight in a large ziplock bag filled with Greek yogurt as well as an all-purpose seasoning. Then, instead of deep-frying or baking them, Zimmern grills the chicken wings over high indirect heat. The key, he says, is to use a lot of coals. Grilling chicken wings over a live fire, as Zimmern went on to explain in his video, creates a crispy texture that is both "chary and blistery." This texture is easy for a glaze or sauce to adhere to, and can only be achieved on a grill. For this reason, Zimmern prefers it to frying at a high temperature.

While the chicken is in the process of cooking, Zimmern prepares the glaze, whisking together apricot jam with Dijon mustard and a splash of lemon juice. Once the chicken wings are grilled to perfection, they're tossed in the bowl of glaze. The result is pure deliciousness and what Zimmern describes as "foolproof flavor."